At Celebrity Resale Closet we are committed to making high fashion accessible to all – and at a low cost!

Now you don’t have to be a Celebrity to add high end, designer label, pieces to your wardrobe! We are teaming up with stylists, and fellow fashion¬†connoisseurs alike, to make new and gently used designer pieces available to you.

Don’t break the bank to get “that” classic little black dress you’ve always wanted… or the “must have” coat you can’t wait for the winter to wear.

We offer all of our clothes at prices up to 60% off the original retail value! Each item is 100% authentic to their designer label and is considered¬† in “new” or “good” condition.

Every product in our shop is one of a kind to our inventory, so if you see a deal you cant resist… DON’T! With prices as low as ours, our item’s aren’t available long!


Are you a stylist with Last Season’s “pulls” crowding up your creative space? Are you a Fashion Maven looking to unload some of your designer attire? Do you want to make room in your closet for the next big trend without throwing away your money?

It’s simple….the answer is CRC. We help you make money off the items taking up your closet’s valuable real estate, while you, in turn, are doing a great service to like-minded Fashionistas by providing them with access to authentic designer wear at reasonable prices.

Listing your items on auction websites can be a tough and time consuming scene – so why not leave all the hard work to us. We list and resell the clothes, sparing you the time and hustle, split the cash and now you’ve not only got space in your closet, but money towards the next “must-haves” of the season.

After all, letting good fashion go to waste is a major crime for us fashion lovers.